Life and Work at PMC

PMC consultants are senior, experienced, and successful with over fifteen years experience. We attract people who have operated at the highest levels: employees who have served as Directors, Vice Presidents, and C-level executives, and consultants who have been Managers and Partners.

Perhaps you're burned out from too much travel, or pervasive politics. Maybe you're tired of the rarefied strategic atmosphere of the executive suite and want to get your hands dirty with real execution again. Having a life outside of work might be important for you.

At PMC, our focus is on providing extraordinary value for our clients, and an exceptional, flexible work experience for our employees. We feel that we need to succeed with the second goal to ensure success with the first. Excited, energized consultants who aren't fighting jet lag and who enjoy a balanced life are much more productive and effective.

Our consultants are placed at some of the largest companies in the area. We only place you where your skills and knowledge will be the most value and where you agree there is a fit.


In addition to offering solid, competitive salaries, we have a number of other enticements that lead to a great quality of life:

  • Health Insurance
  • Retirement Plans
  • FlexTime and FlexPlace work arrangements
  • Generous vacation
  • Generous unpaid leave and sabbatical policies
  • Educational benefits
  • Collegial, supportive peers
  • Challenging work that leads to professional growth
  • Empowerment to do the right thing
  • Open, honest, non-political communications
  • Local to the Northwest, no extended travel

Company Culture

Beyond the benefits package, we work hard to have a company culture that helps everyone have a happy and balanced work life:

Our Process

Each of our Consultants are personally interviewed and selected by our CEO. Most are direct referrals from existing Consultants and all are of the highest caliber. Once you have met our initial screening criteria, our CEO will meet with you individually to assess your knowledge, experience and cultural fit. After this screen, you may be invited to interview directly with one of our clients. If all goes well, you could find yourself workng on one of the most exciting projects of yor life.